The Hamlet

From point of diagnosis to 29 years and beyond, we provide recreational, educational and social opportunities for children and adults with profound disabilities and complex health needs.

As a charity we support and enrich the lives of families, children and adults at our two locations in Norwich. Established in 1972 by inspirational couple Jack and Margaret Wymer, the charity has evolved from its beginnings as a Toy Library into a charity offering a range of services for children and adults from birth. 

Today we offer a wide range of high quality services to support over 500 families each year from across Norfolk and North Suffolk. These services promote integration and inclusion by breaking down barriers that often exist for people with disabilities. 



Irene Macdonald (Chair)                        

Jenny Mayne (Vice-Chair)                              

Ann Way                

Emma Randall

Nicholas Hancox                                        

Stuart Marpole

Tania Davies

Gary Pearce



Gerry Blyth

Peter Jarrold

Viscountess Sheelin Knollys

June Thoburn

Sir William Utting