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This web-page is to give you ideas and activities to use with your child or young person at home. We hope you find it useful.

Please do contact us by email to share any activities that you have found successful and think others might like. 

Email your ideas to either Adult Service: ellaroad@thehamletcharity.org.uk

or Children's Service: johnsonplace@thehamletcharity.org.uk

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Rainbow sensory activities from Maxine

Maxine supplies sensory themed activities to do at home for any sensory seeking lover

Sensory rainbow board  Rainbow tea light  Rainbow toast  Rainbow sensory hula hoop

Rainbow umbrellas  Rainbow vibrating sensory pillow  Rainbow sensory photo boards and stepping stones

Rainbow shaving foam art  Rainbow plastic bottle wind spinners  Surprise interactive board

Rainbow sensory bin

'Tales From The Summerhouse' with Greg

6 episodes of Greg of Greg from Adult Services reading extracts from The Hamlet  'Heavyweight' magazine.

'Heavyweight' is an exclusive publication produced at Ella Road Adult Centre by students and staff for all Hamlet students, staff, volunteers, families and supporters to enjoy. 

Episode 1: 'Tales from The Summerhouse' - Miss Ten Lilly and the Hay Cart

Episode 2: 'Tales from The Summerhouse' - Ben the practical joker!

Episode 3: 'Tales from The Summerhouse' - Liam the invisible sausage

Episode 4: 'Tales from The Summerhouse' - Poems from Maddie

Episode 5: 'Tales from The Summerhouse' - "The Christmas Run' by Michael, Bobby and Simon

Episode 6: 'Tales from The Summerhouse' - Madame Tilly's future perfect horoscopes

Messy/sensory play activities

A range of activities from the website 'Learning for Kids' 

More stay at home crafts for younger children - click HERE

Hungry Little Minds - Simple, fun activities for kids, from newborn to five - click HERE

BBC Tiny Happy People - here to help you develop your child's communication skills. Explore our simple activities and play ideas and find out about their amazing early development - click HERE

Bake Off with Hollie

Hollie from Adult Centre is renowned for her baking talents co-ordinating the regular 'Bake Off Friday' for students at Ella Road. Click on the recipes below to start baking!

Hollies Happy Hamlet pizza faces   Hollies Mars bar slices  Hollies chocolate chia seed cookies

Hollies lemon and ginger flapjack  Hollies cherry bakewell muffins   Hollies cheese straws

Hollies blueberry muffins  Hollies quiche Lorraine

The Online Norwich Puppet Theatre

Click HERE for their YouTube channel.

Click HERE for the online dedicated page of their website. 

Mencap T.V.

Mencap TV has been co-created with people with a learning disability. It is a collection of fun and instructional short videos released daily for the 1.5 million people at home, many of which, have lost access to support and services. New videos are being released regularly. Click HERE to watch

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