Useful organisations and resources for parents

We have provided links to some useful resources that you can use at home to support your young person / child.


Visual Aids

Visual aids can be used to help people understand spoken language as they provide extra visual clues. 

Click HERE for top tips on using visual aids. 

Visual Timetables

Visual timetables are photo/picture/symbol representations of daily routines. 

Here are some printable visual aids that could be used to create a visual timetable or Now and Next boards. 

Visual timetable 1     Visual timetable 2     Visual timetable 3


Twinkl offer some their resources. Click HERE for more and use the code TWINKLHELP to access the free resources. 

Speech & Language - Speechlink

Speechlink have launched a parent portal and are offering free access. Click HERE to access these resources and advice pages. 

Gina Davies Autism Centre

A website that provides practical help and teaches you to use Attention Autism at home. Click HERE to access this webpage and resources. 

Starfish - Behaviour Support and tips from Sam

A collection of YouTube short clips which are easy to follow. Click HERE to view. 

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation

Free strategies and support for families/carers of people with behaviour that challenges them. See their website: Click HERE

Sensory processing disorder support for parents/carers


Carers Matters

Are you looking after someone in your family or a friend? Carers Matters is there to support you 7 days a week. Click HERE for more information.



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