Wheelchair support workshop

This workshop is aimed at parents/carers, professionals and anyone supporting someone in a wheelchair.
The workshop is for learners to understand and support the wheelchair user, using safety techniques and offering support. Learners will also gain experience on how to look after themselves and the person they are supporting in a safe environment. Practical experience will also be delivered on this course.

Course Objectives

  • Safety features of a standard wheelchair.
  • Looking after yourself and the person you are supporting.
  • Offering support to a person to stand and walk.
  • Practical experience of pushing a person in a wheelchair, including up and down curbs.

Current courses:

October 2019 Wheelchair Support Workshop

Please contact our Training Coordinator on 01603 765405 or email us at trainingteam@thehamletcharity.org.uk

See the training and development page on our website for further information about courses and workshops available at The Hamlet charity. 

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