Music Studio

Music is very much appreciated by young adults, allowing expression and enjoyment.

For students with no verbal or limited verbal communication music opens up opportunities to support communication and connection. The equipment in our studio includes Soundbeams, Ipads and a range of music programmes, allowing students to access music and sound through different techniques and activities, making it possible for all our students to participate more fully. We also use music to support our students with confidence and self esteem.

The Soundbeam is an amazing and unique musical instrument which uses motion sensors and switches to translate body movements into music and sound. It allows students to play a range of instruments from guitar to drums, in a range of styles. The sensitivity of the beams means that the equipment encourages active engagement and communication. It encourages students to be expressive and unlocks potential for those who have communication or physical challenges. The soundbeam also influences changes in behaviour, mood, engagement and capacity to be independent.

Students also enjoy using the SamplePads which are used to customise drum or percussion set-up by adding their own unique sounds. We use students sounds and voices to add a dynamic and interesting twist to music sessions. The SamplePad is a compact four-pad instrument that gives you access to a limitless palette of sounds. With 25 percussion and electronic drum sounds built in, and the ability to load any of our own sounds. It is accessible and easy to use by all students.