“Incredible staff, amazing activities on offer, very organised and extremely well trained and qualified.” – Laura a parent of a student attending Ella Road Adult Centre. Ella Road offers a range of activities on weekdays for young adults, age 18 to 29, to pursue their interests and fulfil their individual potential.

We offer a varied timetable, which changes on a termly basis, reflecting the needs and interests of our students.  These include life skills, such as cooking and gardening, creative activities such as arts, crafts, drama and music and health related activities, such as swimming, personal well-being and Special Olympics.  We make use of local facilities, including trips to leisure centres, museums, pubs and cafes.

For students with higher levels of need, we will provide an individual timetable, which consists of a balance of one-to-one support and group work to enable them to progress.

Individuals have various abilities to communicate, relate to, and access their world. Assistive technology can support, change or modify an individual's ability to succeed at tasks that they otherwise may not be able to accomplish. We support individuals with the use of PECS, Widget, Signalong, communicators, ipads and other forms of assistive technology. We are committed to promoting greater independence through access to various technologies, exploring choice and opportunities and allowing individuals to communicate in their own way. 

We pride ourselves on promoting Intensive Interaction. This is a way of teaching communication skills to young people who have autism and profound and multiple learning difficulties. This approach uses the students' own language to communicate rather than expecting them to learn ours immediately. A lot of our communication is through our own body language. Non verbal ways to communicate our thoughts, intentions or feelings can be expressed by physical behaviours such as facial expressions, body posture, gestures, eye movement, touch and the use of space.


Referrals and visits

We welcome visits to our centre.

If you would like to speak to someone about our adult services please contact Lorraine Ewing or phone 01603 616094.

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