Adam's Dad sings Out of Hours praises

Paul talks about the difference The Hamlet Out of Hours social club makes to his son's life.

Adam has a diagnosis of Autism, a developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with and relates to the world around them.  His Dad tells us how this affects their family and how much Adam enjoys The Hamlet Out of Hours Club.

“Our son Adam was diagnosed with Autism when he was four years old. At first, my wife and I found it hard to come to terms with his diagnosis, but together we found out that what Adam lacked in certain areas, he more than made up for in others. His problem-solving skills are superb and he never ceases to amaze us with what he can do. He never lets anything defeat him.

Alongside myself and my wife, Adam’s two younger sisters, aged fourteen and seventeen, help to care for Adam. Whether he is surrounded by just his sisters or all of us as a family, Adam can be very mischievous; in both a nice way and his own way. He can make you smile and laugh, especially when he constantly repeats everything you say. When he relaxes, Adam loves to play on the computer or his iPad. He also has a passion for singing and dancing.

During the weekends and school holidays, Adam has attended The Hamlet at Ella Road, as well as attending Johnson Place when he was younger. He’s always happy to go to The Hamlet; the staff there are incredibly friendly, understanding and are brilliant at catering for Adam’s needs.

He has been attending The Hamlet’s Out of Hours club (a social club for adults of any age with disabilities) for about two years, where he enjoys all the trips and activities on offer. He particularly enjoys Boccia – a sport designed for people with disabilities, music and he really loved a recent trip to the ‘Splash’ swimming pool.

Adam, although he really enjoys school, likes the change of scene that the Out of Hours club offers him. School is routine based and quite regimented, but Out of Hours is more relaxed with less pressures and it’s good for Adam to have this balance to break up his routines. He really looks forward to it. For our family, while Adam is having fun at Out of Hours, it means we can do our own thing. The girls have a chance to be together and watch films and my wife and I have a chance to catch up and relax.

The multiagency of Hall School, Nelson Lodge, Church Green and in particular The Hamlet have done so much to support, encourage and aid Adam that I could literally run out of superlatives. Suffice to say that I would totally advocate 100% The Hamlet for all they have done and are doing for both children and adults with disabilities and complex health needs.”

"For our family, while Adam is having fun at Out of Hours, it means we can do our own thing."

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