Sensory explorations for Harley and Daisy

Parent Tania explains the progress her two children have made since attending The Hamlet
Sensory and communication progress for Harley and Daisy

“Daisy and Harley, aged two and a half and three and a half, are siblings and both have Global Developmental Delay and Sensory Processing Disorder.  Daisy also suffered from Delayed Visual Maturation which severely limited her vision.  Her vision is improved now but we are still unaware of how Daisy processes the information that she sees. 

Their diagnoses affect every single area of their development; Daisy and Harley are both socially delayed, under-responsive to touch – they have to touch something, or be touched very firmly to feel it.  They are physically delayed in that their mobility is deeply affected; steps of any kind are a real challenge and they need help all the time.  Harley in particular also needs help with play; he can become fixated by turning lights off and on again so adult support is needed to encourage developmental play.  Their disabilities are very complex and complicated – every child is affected differently. 

Daisy attends Sensory Bees at The Hamlet, Johnson Place.  Harley previously attended Sensory Bees but now he’s moved up to Early Explorers Pre-School.  Being at The Hamlet has made an enormous difference.  The staff are fantastic and so knowledgeable.  They get to know what works for each individual child so they can gently guide and help their development.    

Daisy particularly enjoys the Sensory Room; I think that’s due to all the lights, which have assisted her visual development.  Harley, since attending The Hamlet, has made significant progress with regards to his sensory tolerance but there’s been real progress in all areas of his development.  The soft play area at Johnson Place has also been good for Harley’s mobility. 

There’s nowhere else in Norfolk that provides such a wide range of activities to meet our family’s needs.  There’s excellent support and signposting, we can share stories with staff and other families and realise that we are not alone.  When we are at The Hamlet we feel comfortable as we are amongst people we trust and who understand.”


"When we are at The Hamlet we feel comfortable as we are amongst people we trust and who understand.”