Why I became a Hamlet Trustee - Caron's story

Caron initially started as a volunteer in 2019, supporting some of the young people who attended youth club. “I’d turned 50, happily married, great job, living in beautiful Suffolk, but I was looking for something extra. I found The Hamlet” She jokes that “venturing across the border into Norfolk is well worth it to be a part of The Hamlet Charity family.”
Why I became a Hamlet Trustee

"Once I discovered the amazing work that The Hamlet does, I then wanted to see if there were other ways that I could help. Perhaps I could use my knowledge and skills in finance? I am an accountant by profession and felt that my background might be of some help and support to the charity. The values of The Hamlet are so closely aligned with my own that it made sense for me to express an interest in becoming a Trustee.”

Caron explains that her admiration for the work of the charity is what really makes her love being a Trustee. “The charity has a real awareness of its sector and is always looking for ways to improve things for its families. It pushes boundaries – I love this about it.”

Caron goes on to explain that “Being involved in key strategic decisions as well as being really hands on when needed is a privilege. It feels great that I can use my career in a helpful way to shape and support The Hamlet.”

When asked about the commitment and skills needed for being a trustee Caron replied “There are times when I haven’t known about the subject we have been discussing, but because the board of Trustees is made up of people with very differing skills, it works. I get to learn things from them, and, possibly, they get to learn things from me. Yes, there are times when we don’t agree, but having different ideas and opinions is what we need in order to make the best-informed decisions. Of course, there is a commitment, but what I love about the role is that it is very fluid. You can be deeply involved in a particular project, but then also have times when you can step back and let others take the lead.”

Caron went on to explain some of her highlights of being a trustee, were things like being involved with the ‘This is Me’ PR project or attending the staff development days or supporting fundraising events like the Winter Christmas fayres. “I love it when we reach out to the wider community. Being on the board does give me an opportunity to have some input in the direction of the charity. It’s fabulous that we have our centres, but ‘The Hamlet in the community’ is my real passion. I truly believe the charity is an important part of Norwich City.”

One message that Caron was very clear about was the idea that lots of people from different walks of life would make a great trustee for the charity. “If you share our values, there is bound to be some value in having you on board. We want diversity where each member brings different energy, experiences, abilities and skills to the table.”

If you would like to express an interest in becoming a Trustee then please get in touch with us. You can email Pauline via admin@thehamletcharity.org.uk

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