Useful Information for Volunteers

Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for choosing us and for helping our families to overcome some of the barriers they face and create new opportunities.

We value our volunteers and want everyone to enjoy being part of The Hamlet. By donating your time, skills and energy you are making our work possible and making a difference to the families and individuals we support.  

We want to support you to settle into your role with us, below you will find some useful information for your time with us. Please do get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.

We hope that your time with us will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


The Essentials: What can you expect from us and what do we expect from you?


Pre-Volunteering Checks

Prior to your first volunteering shift at The Hamlet, we must have received at least 2 satisfactory character references. 

You may also need to complete a DBS check, but this will depend on what activities you get involved with and how often you volunteer. Anyone volunteering with us on a regular basis (once a week or more) will need a DBS check.

New DBS checks are free to volunteers, but there is an admin fee (May 2019 £10.40) that you will be asked to pay as the company that does the check requires this. It is your check and you will be able to take it with you, so we do not pay for this.

If this is likely to affect your ability to volunteer with us, please let us know. 

We'll also need to see evidence of your right to volunteer in the UK. This might be your passport or visa documentation.  

Providing all of these checks meet our requirements, we'll be happy to invite you to join our team!

Getting Started

Your manager will get in touch to arrange some volunteering dates and times with you, but if you don’t hear from them do get in touch with us (

On your first day volunteering at The Hamlet you will be made aware of your responsibilities and will meet with a senior staff member to discuss your new volunteer role.

Induction into the Charity

To ensure that you have as much information as possible and feel supported, you will have an induction on your first day with The Hamlet.

Arrangements will also be made for a Health and Safety Induction of the building, about the procedure you must follow in the event of fire evacuation, general housekeeping rules, first aid provisions and lone working. 

Take a look at our Volunteer Induction Pack for more information.

If you don't receive your induction on your first day, please let your manager know so that it can be arranged for your next session. 

Essential Policies and Guidelines

It is important that you are aware of The Hamlet Policies and Guidelines before you start volunteering with us. 

Take a look at our Essential Policies and Guidelines document for some key information.

Please also take a look at our Policy Documents for more in depth information.

While we ask you to familiarise yourself with all of our policies, there are a few specific policies that we ask you to take specific notice of:

If you have any questions about our policies, please contact your manager.


We will give you the opportunity to attend some training which will support you in your volunteering. Your supervisor will get in touch about this once you start your role with us.

Days and times

Depending on your role with us, you may be volunteering during the week or at weekends and evenings. Your supervisor will get in touch about when to come in. Remember that it may be possible to volunteer for half a day (morning or afternoon) so please do ask your supervisor about this.

Dress Code (what to wear)

For your own safety and the safety of the children and adults we support, please wear appropriate clothing while you are with us. Clothing that is comfortable and allows you to move easily is important, but please also make sure you wear clothing that you don’t mind getting messy! Please make sure you are clean, presentable (smart-casual) and practical for volunteering. We ask all volunteers not to wear clothing that is revealing.

Please only wear a minimum amount of jewellery (such as a plain wedding band, watch and stud earrings) for health and safety reasons. Your supervisor may ask you to remove any jewellery that they think is inappropriate. 

You will be given a volunteer badge each time you come in and you are required to wear this for the whole time that you are volunteering. At some centres you will be given the option of buying a t shirt to wear when you are volunteering.  


As mentioned in the Essential Policies and Guidelines document, we’re more than happy to refund your travel and expenses. Just keep your receipts and bus tickets/records of mileage, and speak to your manager about completing an expenses form.

Personal Possessions

We strongly advise you not to bring large amounts of money, jewellery and valuables to The Hamlet. We cannot accept liability for the loss or damage to your personal possessions while on the organisation’s property and we will not be able to reimburse you for such losses.

Where there are locker's provided, please ensure that you are using them to store your belongings.

Mobile phones must not be used during your volunteering session, and must be kept away from the working environment at all times.

If something goes wrong

In the event that something goes wrong that we're unable to resolve informally, we have a Problem Solving Procedure in place to follow. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch with our HR team via 

Keeping in touch

We know that at times life can take over and you might not volunteer with us for some time. If we don't hear from you for 6 weeks, we'll get in touch to find out how you are and if you'd like for any new volunteer sessions to be arranged for you. 

If you feel like you haven't heard from us in a while and would like to come back in for some sessions, please get in touch with your manager or send us an email via so that we can put you in touch.

If the time comes for you to leave

We really appreciate the time that our volunteers put aside for us, but we know that sometimes your outside commitments change and you're no longer able to commit to volunteer at The Hamlet. 

If this is the case, please make sure you let either your manager or our HR team know by completing a Cancellation of Volunteer form and sending it to


Thank you!

Your time with us helps us to support over 300 families to overcome barriers and create opportunities together. 

Be proud to volunteer!



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