A Day in the Death of Joe Egg

Goblin Market Theatre Company will be performing this play at The Garage on May 26th and 27th in association with The Hamlet.
A Day in the Death of Joe Egg

Written by Peter Nichols in 1967, A Day in the Death of Joe Egg is a black comedy, which "walks the tightrope between comedy and heartbreak". Goblin Market Theatre Company say that, "the play expresses language and sentiment that makes modern audiences flinch". They are re-visiting the play in conjunction with The Hamlet to ask: "How far have attitudes to the disabled changed since the play was written?" Both evening performances at The Garage in May will be follow by a Q&A session with actors, the director and members of The Hamlet.

To book your tickets visit The Garage website or call 01603 598646.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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