The Hamlet Needs You!

Could you help us? Do you have a few hours to spare every now and then? Do you like meeting people? Are you friendly and approachable?
The Hamlet Needs You!

At The Hamlet, we are becoming more and more dependent on raising funds through fundraising activities to ensure that we can continue to deliver the high quality care and support that our families deserve.

We need to be able to buy new and replace old or broken equipment, maintain our buildings and fund certain projects, to ensure that our children and adults can access the technology and equipment, from care beds to computers, that will enable them to have the best experience possible when they are with us.

Fundraising is a wonderful opportunity to become part of The Hamlet family and make new friends, while ensuring the good work carries on.

We need people who can give us a few hours on an irregular basis to support this vital aspect of our work. It could be holding a collecting bucket at the Theatre Royal, or helping to run the bar at an event, or manning a Christmas fair! You do not have to regularly commit, but we do need to create a team of people who would be willing to do this, the more people the better.
Kim Lister is our fundraising intern and the only person in the fundraising team! Unlike many other bigger charities, we do not have lots of paid staff in this role so we really need help.

Please consider if you could do this or have some questions please get in touch by email to or by phone 01603 765405. We look forward to welcoming you along!

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