Jonathan makes a difference by racing through Norwich!

A big congratulations and thank you to Jonathan who took part in the Norwich run on Sunday 5th August to raise money for The Hamlet.
Jonathan completes the race!
Jonathan, supporter of The Hamlet, completed Run Norwich in the sweltering heat on Sunday 5th August! A big thumbs up to you Jonathan. We are all so grateful for your dedication and support!
Jonathans daughter Lucy is a regular attendee at both youth club on Monday night and play schemes on Saturdays and during the holidays at Johnson Place. Lucy loves going to the Hamlet, she enjoys all the activities and when she is there it gives Jonathan and his other family members special time .
Here is what Jonathan had to say on completion of the race:
"I made it! It was hotter than I hoped and hillier than I thought - who knew Norwich had so many roads to run up! So I was a bit slower than I wanted. I have been completely blown away by the generosity of my family friends and colleagues.Thank you so much to you all. I can't wait to hand over monies raised to The Hamlet as I know it will make a real difference to them."
Feel like you could make a difference? Get in touch with us today and check out our fundraising page on our website. We need more people like Jonathan to support us. Thank you!
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