"There are so many reasons to work for a charity" Jaynes story

“I have always worked for a charity. It gives me the chance to make a difference for children and families. It’s satisfying to go home at the end of the day and know that I may have made a small difference to someone’s life.” Jayne has been Deputy Manager at the Children’s service for 8 years
Work for a charity - Jaynes story

Jayne explains that it was her family that first inspired her passion for working with people with disabilities: “My mother was a teacher of adults with disabilities within adult education and gave the interest to work in this area.’ On leaving school I qualified in child care and worked for different organisations working up to my current role as Deputy  Manager and Short Breaks Lead at The Hamlet with more training along the way.

Jayne goes onto explain why she would not have it any other way than to work for a charity like The Hamlet.

“There are so many reasons for choosing to work for a charity.

 “What typifies a really good day at a play scheme is seeing children come into the building smiling and happy to be with us. They want to be there! Seeing and hearing the children buzzing from new activities that I may have planned is also very rewarding, coupled with positive feedback from parents and carers who tell me how grateful they are for the support we offer. For the parents/siblings knowing that their young person is having fun and enjoying themselves is good. They know their child is safe. The Hamlet achieves this. Working for a small charity means that you get to know everyone really well. It’s like being part of an extended family in a way. It’s a lovely feeling to belong.”

“I have some wonderful memories and highlights that stick with me. I will never forget the day Annmarie* walked for the first time at the centre. Annmarie has very complex health needs which affects her mobility severely. It was in the main hall where she was walking holding hands with a staff member and then suddenly took 5 /6 steps towards me and shouted out with excitement for me to come and see. She wanted to show me what she had done! It was a really magical moment and when I shared this with her parents they were so thrilled!”

“Charities live in a competitive market and I want to do my bit to support the charity all I can. If that means dressing up as a snowman at the Winter Fair or running alongside a float dressed as Mr Tumbles wife at the Lord Mayors procession then so be it! Anyway, all these extra bits are the icing on the cake. I love the opportunity to be a big kid again and have fun. I also feel a part of a wider Hamlet community able to spread the good work we do.”

If you have been inspired by Jaynes story, find out how you can get involved with The Hamlet and make a difference to many lives as Jayne does. 





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