Minibus Appeal

The Hamlet Charity needs your help! We are trying to raise £35k for a desperately needed new minibus. "We love to get out in the community but need a bus with space for more wheelchairs"
Minibus Appeal

We have launched an appeal to raise £35,000 by March 2020. The current minibus, now over 11 years old, is just not adequate for the needs of our students. 

At The Hamlet it is our belief that everyone should have choice, opportunities and access to the wider community. A new minibus that holds more wheelchair users will make it possible for more children and young adults to take part in planned trips and outings.

Lorraine Ewing, manager at our Adult Service explained: "Without buses we are unable to give students choice about their activities. Often activities are outside Norwich and we would find it difficult to access public transport due to size of wheelchairs. Some of our students do not like crowds and the bus timetable may not fit with the activity times. It is important to give choice and the opportunity to access community facilities."

Lorraine went on to explain that students also need to access specialist activities and facilities such as hydrotherapy, located offsite. 

Youth Club and Out of Hours Organiser Sarah Stickle asked members why they would like a minibus: 

 “A new minibus would be fantastic”, “If we had a bus we could go to Great Yarmouth!” and “Youth Club could go out to bowling”

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