New playroom is a hit!

In April we opened our new playroom for preschool children aged 2-5 years old. Here's how the children and staff are getting on:
New playroom is a hit

"Early Adventures playroom opened less than three weeks ago and the difference in the children accessing the room has been phenomenal already." said Angela Tear, Preschool Lead Practitioner. 

In a short space of time intense therapy and consistency has unlocked potential and allowed our children to communicate more effectively. Children are already sitting for nearly 15 minutes fully engaged during circle time and language group, making choices and copying actions demonstrated by an adult. 

Angela went on to explain that "One child, was only using single words and is now using an ‘I want’ symbol to ask for objects of her choice. Only the other day, she put the relevant symbols onto a sentence strip and said, “I want Bubbles!”. It excites me to see such a difference already and how the structure of the room has helped."


Since the room opened, our Early Years team have shared their delight that children have settled and adjusted well to the new structure and are accessing their daily schedules effectively with support. Our preschool children are engaging in turn taking activities with games such as Pop Up Pirate. Children are copying actions and demonstrating appropriate play and learning how to wait. We are so pleased with hour the team and the preschool group are getting on and hope you can share our appreciation of all their hard work (play!). 

To find out more about our services offered for 0-5 year olds click here. Our preschool prioritises provision for children with additional or complex health needs, as well as those children that are typically developing and living in our local catchment area. It is our belief that this diverse and inclusive mix of children provides a rich learning environment.




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