Surlingham WI presentation

A big thank you to the ladies at Surlingham WI for their support and kind donation.
Surlingham WI presentation

The Hamlet had the opportunity to visit the group and share some of the work we have been doing to support children and adults living with disabilities in Norfolk.

Matt Garlinge, Marketing and Communications Lead for The Hamlet, said: "It was lovely to meet the group and be able to tell them exactly how crucial our charity is for so many families in Norfolk. It's so important for a small charity like ourselves to let people know about what we do and tell them some of the stories of who  we support. It's great to have people like this supporting us."

Valerie Lott, member of the group shared her thoughts: "Thank you for a wonderful evening last night. You are such a wonderful charity and it was extremely interesting and very informative to hear about all the work that you do."

Amy Elvin, Training Co-ordinator for The Hamlet also attended on the evening and said: "I never knew about Margaret and Jack Wymer. It was so inspirational to hear how they founded the charity and amazing to think how it has grown and developed since then." 

Perhaps you are part of an organisation, group, business or local company looking to support a charity. Perhaps you would be interested in having us present to you so that we could tell you more about why you should support us.  Click here to find out how you could help our charity or contact Matt, our Marketing and Communications Lead. He would love to hear from you and chat about how you could get involved.  

The Hamlet was established in 1972 by inspirational couple Jack and Margaret Wymer. Read their inspiring story 'Another Door Opens' here

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