Thank you Felix

A big thank you to Felix and punters at the Windmill pub, Norwich.
Thank you Felix

Felix Snell, landlord of the Windmill pub on Knox road, Norwich, has raised £200 for the charity. 

Felix, notorious for only ever wearing Hawaiian shirts, was dared to wear a white shirt by colleagues and punters of the Windmill. On Christmas day 2018, true to his word, Felix wore a white shirt in return for donations which he then kindly donated to the charity. 

Felix, a regular supporter of the charity said: "I like to support The Hamlet because it is local to us. I used to be landlord of the Quebec pub located near to Ella Road, Adult Centre. The students and staff used to be regular visitors."

Matt Garlinge, Marketing and Communications Lead said: "Having support from local community businesses is great for both the charity and business. We are so grateful for Felix's support."

Are you a business looking to raise your profile through supporting a local charity like ours? We would love to hear from you. Visit our website here to see how you could support us. 


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