5 ways to wellbeing

Many factors influence our wellbeing. Evidence shows that the actions we take and the way we think have the biggest impact. It can help to think about “being well” as something you do, rather than something you are. The more you put in, the more you are likely to get out.
5 ways to wellbeing

The Five Ways to Wellbeing are a set of evidence-based actions which promote people’s wellbeing. These following activities are simple things individuals can do in their everyday lives:

1. Connect … connect with the people around you. 

2. Be active … go for a walk, run, cycle … play a game, step outside, garden. 

3. Take notice … take time to notice the beauty around you, be curious and remark on the unusual. 

4. Keep learning … try something new, rediscover something you used to do, start an online course. 

5. Give … do something nice for a friend, smile, look out as well as in, thank someone. 

Click HERE to visit the Norfolk Wellbeing website. 

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