Gardeners Tuesday Tips with Emma - 2

Gardening tip of the week Time to sow your tomato seeds.
Gardeners Tuesday Tips with Emma - 2

The likelihood is that we won't be able to buy young tomato plants this year, so next time you're in the supermarket look out for their seed display and pick the tomato to suit you, a compact little hanging or patio like tumblers or a bigger variety for grow bags like Money Maker. Whichever is for you, the sowing is the same.

Fill a seed tray (this could be a fruit punnet from the supermarket) with compost and pat down gently. Sow your seeds about an inch apart and lightly cover with more compost. Gently press down the compost again to ensure seeds have contact with the soil. Then water in.

They'll need a bit of warmth and loving so pop them on a sunny window sill and keep damp but not saturated. They should germinate in a few weeks and when big enough to handle, can be potted into individual pots. I promise this is easy.

Please stay safe and try another tip, watch Gardener's World, it's fab! 


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