Gardners Tuesday Tips with Emma - 3

Up-cycle your rubbish to make seed trays!
Gardeners Tuesday Tips with Emma - 3

This week it is time to have a good rummage through the recycling waste for potential seed trays. Fruit punnets, foil trays and even old juice cartons can make a good gardening pot! 

Pick and 'come again' lettuce is ideal for pots like these. Just put holes in the bottom for drainage, fill with compost to nearly full, pat down, water first so as not to wash the seeds about, sparingly sprinkle with seeds and top with a cm of compost.

You should be eating your own salad leaves within 6- 7 weeks.

Don't stop there though, deeper containers can be used for beetroot and even carrots. Have fun experimenting, that's what gardening is all about. Now get outside and get some soil under your nails!


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