Gardeners Tuesday Tips with Emma

Adult Centre Activity Lead Emma will be giving us gardening tips every Tuesday for you to enjoy whilst at home. This first one makes use of all those spare loo rolls we have! :-)
Gardeners Tuesday Tips with Emma

Plant Sweet peas for vibrant colour in the garden, on your veranda or window ledge throughout the Summer months. 

Emma's Tuesday Tip...

Sweet peas will grow best if you can create a deep, narrow root run. You can achieve this brilliantly by sowing seeds into the centre of a loo roll, planting 2 seeds in one tube, 1 cm deep.

Start seeds off on a moist bit of kitchen roll in a warm room. This will help them to germinate quicker. Once they have plumped up and just started sprouting sow into loo roll tubes or pots. Loo roll tubes can be planted straight into the ground when your plants are established. Nip the plants out at the top to encourage more bushy plants (you get more flowers)!

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