Plant old potatoes

Emma's gardening tip of the week
Plant old potatoes

Gardening tip for the week is about potatoes. Now's the time to get them sorted. As most garden centres are closed and you can't get seed potatoes (these are the same as supermarket potatoes but guaranteed disease free) you can use your old potatoes from the bottom of the veg rack. 

It's good if you can get some shoots sprouting out before you plant out. To get these just pop your potatoes into an egg box or similar container and place them in a warm, sunny position. When they have chitted out (got shoots on) you can plant them. You don't need a garden, you can use a big pot or even a tough bag.

Dig a trench about 8" deep and pop your potatoes in about 1 foot apart, shoots pointing upwards, cover over with most of the soil leaving some for later. When they have grown about 4" above the ground cover over with the rest of the soil. This will ensure that you get a good crop of spuds that don't turn green from daylight. Treat potted potatoes the same way. Have fun and keep safe everyone! 

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