Thank you Aviva 5!

A big thank you to our supporters at Aviva who volunteered their time to tidy and clear the garden areas at The Hamlet Children's Centre.
Thank you Aviva 5!

On Wednesday 30th September 5 volunteers from Aviva, Norwich gave up their time to chop down overhanging bushes and trees in The Hamlet Children's Centre car park. 

The organisation have supported us for several years, coming back to visit the centre and help us with maintenance tasks that we don't always have the time for. We are so very grateful for their continued support. 

Lou Oakham one of the volunteers from Aviva said "The five of us had a brilliant time. We’re lucky that Aviva gives all employees 21 paid volunteering hours each year, and we enjoy using them to help support The Hamlet. Our day jobs mean we spend a lot of time sitting down, on the phone and looking at screens, so being able to get outside and do something physical is a wonderful contrast. Plus doing good feels good! This year none of us have seen each other’s faces for the best part of seven months so it was a double bonus to spend time together. It felt like a really normal, pre-Covid day. An excellent antidote to the strange, distanced year we’re all having."

The borders and garden areas at Johnson Place, look wonderful: neat, tidy and no more overhanging branches obstructing the pathways for pedestrians. Thank you so much Aviva. 

Do you work for an organisation that would like to volunteer and help in a similar sort of way in the future? We would love to hear from you. Please see our volunteers page for more information about how you could help. 

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