Festive Pet Winner Daffy

Congratulations to our 'Festive Pet' competition winner Daffy the duck belonging to former staff member Claire Nicholls!
Festive Pet Winner Daffy!

Daffy and Claire were said to be "Chuffed to bits and quacking happily" to be announced winners of The Hamlet Festive Pets competition held in the run up to Christmas. Claire said "I really enjoyed following all the photo entries put on The Hamlet Facebook page. It was brilliant how many people took part. Our pets have played a big part in keeping many of us sane and feeling good over the past year. It's great that they could be recognised in this way."

Claire, who used to work at The Hamlet charity as our Finance and Central Services Manager, is a true animal lover. She is proud owner of 4 ducks called Daffy, Cody, Daisy and Cadbury; dogs Lola and Paddy who are both rescue Staff Cross; Pygmy goats Ben and Jerry; guinea pigs Donald and Boris; Chickens Kit Kat, Pecky Becky, Ginger Rogers and Gwen Stafani and finally Cherry the 10 year old Pony. 

When working at The Hamlet Claire was renowned for loving her pets. "They give me so much pleasure and joy. I wouldn't be without my pets" commented Claire. "Like us Daffy, the other ducks and chickens are on lockdown at the moment due to the cases of Bird Flu reported in Norfolk so I am having to keep them secure in their cage. They are missing their freedom of running around the garden. However, I have given Daffy some extra peas to enjoy as a special treat for winning the competition"

Claire was keen to share her experience of The Hamlet with us; "I love being able to follow what The Hamlet is up to on Facebook. I really enjoyed my time working their especially the wonderful team of people at Head Office. Lets hope the new year brings better times for everyone."

Thank you for sharing this story with us Claire and we hope Daffy and her friends come out of lockdown soon! 


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