Free Workshops For Fathers

During June and July we were able to provide some funded workshops on a variety of subjects to support the fathers, brothers, uncles, and grandparents of children and young adults attending the Hamlet. Feedback from those who attended was positive and we look forward to doing it again in the future.
Free Workshops For Fathers

Children's Service Manager, Jayne, commented, "It was fantastic to see some of our dads and even granddads, coming together at this free training. The workshops were relaxed and engaging and seemed to be enjoyed by all who attended. I know some of the people taking part exchanged contact details so they could keep in touch."

One dad said, "I'm looking forward to sharing the ideas with the family and helping our routine at home. The session was great and the tutors really know how to make it fun."

It is a known fact that getting men to engage in family support sessions can be a challenge, but we were so pleased to see some of our fathers, brothers, uncles, and grandparents of people who attend The Hamlet Charity, turned up and got involved. 

Hamlet Training Coordinator, Amy, said, "We were really fortunate to get the funding for the sessions. Our tutors are so passionate about helping our families in whatever way they can." Amy went on to explain that there will be lots more free parent training sessions for our families to take part in throughout the rest of the year. 

We currently have a programme of Signalong Sessions available for parents and carers to book. Click HERE for more information and contact Family Support Practitioner Jane to know all planned sessions and dates. Email or telephone 01603 766566


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