Hamlet receives letter from Queens representative

The staff at both children's and adults service have received a letter from Lady Dannett, HM Lord-Lieutenant of Norfolk, thanking them for their dedication and work during the coronavirus pandemic.
Hamlet receives letter from Queens representative!

In the letter Lady Dannatt wrote "The innovation, collaboration, courage and selflessness shown by so many across the County during the Covid-19 pandemic has been truly inspirational and uplifting. As Her Majesty The Queens representative, I would like to thank you for the wonderful contribution you have made to the County during these extraordinary and challenging times. Norfolk owes you a profound debt of gratitude for your outstanding service to the community."

Sophie, manager of The Hamlet Pre-school,was so very excited about this and couldn't wait to share it with her staff team and the children! 

Adults service manager Lorraine said, Staff have worked really hard and adapted to Covid changes along with students/ members. It shows the strength and commitment of The Hamlet. Adult Services have provided new opportunities and ways of working to meet the needs of students/ members and families, while working within Covid guidelines. It is lovely to be recognised for the effort and work we do and to be considered to receive such a personal letter in these challenge times."

"It is an amazing honour for to receive this personal thanks" said Hamlet CEO Pauline Morgan, "I am so pleased to think our staff and volunteers have been recognised in this way. They truly deserve it."


Photo - Short break play scheme staff celebrate a wonderful Easter holiday scheme holding Lady Dannett's letter. 

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