New mural for the children's service

On Monday 19th April we welcome group of local artists to the children's centre who will be creating a new mural for the children and our families to enjoy.
New mural for the children's service

'The Great Dandy Mural Project' evolved from the of idea creating art on windows as a way of showing support and love to one another during the national lockdowns. The team of artists, led by 'Dandy' co-founders Eloise O’Hare, Dugald Ferguson and Christina Sabberton are now about to embark on a larger mural project. 

They will visit different locations in the Norwich community to create murals based on ideas taken from its service users.

Their first stop is The Hamlet Children's Centre! Dugald Ferguson said: "We are really looking forward to making a start on the mural at The Hamlet. We plan to take lots of photos so everyone can see what it looks like."

The artists wanted to visit locations in Norwich that have, despite having been hit hard by the pandemic, continued to provide vital services to the community. Matt Garlinge, Marketing and Comms lead at The Hamlet said. "It is such an honour to have been approached by 'Dandy's' to be part of this project. I'm really excited to see the finished mural."

Children and families at The Hamlet have chosen a theme of 'musical meadows' for the mural. Children's Service manager Jayne said "It will be a wonderful addition to our centre which will really bring a new sense of hope, colour and positivity to the building. Thank you ‘the Norwich Dandies artists’."

The project recently featured in an article by the EDP which details The Hamlet as the first stop on the artists tour of Norwich. Click HERE to read.

Dugald and the artists will be at the Children's Centre for 3 days from Monday 19th - Wednesday 21st April. Look out for the big reveal later this week! 


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