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Celebrating 50 years of firsts

For 50 years we have been supporting children and young people with disabilities and complex health needs, seeing many special moments along the way.  Find out how you can support our next 50 years.


How can you help?

As an individual

Become part of the Hamlet family and support us with a one-off or regular donation.


As an organisation

Stand with The Hamlet and support families in your local community.

As an organisation

How will your support help?

Every penny donated goes to support the vital work we do

Please support us to help our children, young people and adults live Life Without Limits


Take a look at our last 50 years

We are delighted to celebrate this wonderful milestone

We are proud of our achievements over the last 50 years and are looking forward to 50 more years of Hamlet Firsts.

Some of our firsts

One of our mums thought her son would never ever ride a trike and when I showed her the video of him doing this she cried with happiness.
I remember the first time a child spoke by singing 5 Little Ducks. After that, they were singing the song a hundred times a day and their language continued to develop. It was so worth it.
I remember when I first started using Signalong when I was working within our Adult’s Service. I used it with a student who was non-verbal, knew some signs but was quite particular over who he communicated with. It was a real ‘yes!’ moment when he signed back the sign for ‘nice’ when I asked him how his lunch was.