The Hamlet

Watch our awarding winning animation highlighting the fantastic work we do for our families as part of our family support offer. 

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The Hamlet charity offers support to children and adults living with disabilities and their families. Over 300 families of children and adults with disabilities living in Norfolk, who access their services.

"The money that the public kindly donates will ensure that The Hamlet continues to do so the wonderful work they do for my family and many others. I thank those who choose to support them. It means so much.” – Jenny, Parent.

"The support we had from The Hamlet was fantastic! The children got to experience new activities, playing and interacting with other children and helping to build their confidence. " – Alex, Parent.

"I honestly don't know how I would have been able to get through a lot of what we've been through had it not been for that group of incredible people who cried and celebrated with each other. The Hive coffee morning is a place where no one is judged, where we are all in the same boat, every small victory is celebrated by everyone and every battle is fought together." – Tania, Parent.

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Preschool life at The Hamlet

Isabelle’s story