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Andrew completed the grand2grand!!

We are utterly blown away by Andrew, who not only completed the Grand To Grand Ultra, but has also, so far, raised over an incredible £6,600 for The Hamlet!


Andrew came 19th overall of 30, although 21 dropped out during the race and did not finish, which just goes to show the very harsh conditions, and claimed 1st place in the 60-69 year age group!


Andrew says, “After 171 miles in 7 days over 6 stages, carrying about 8kg of my own kit, food and equipment, I completed the Grand to Grand Ultra in the high desert of the Grand Canyon in Utah’. They say “pain is temporary and victory is forever”.  I will buy that!  The mind is slowly editing out the dark moments where I really had to find the deepest levels of mental fortitude I had ever been to.  Perhaps the hardest part was the long non-stop day stage of 52 miles which I completed in 27 hours – 8 miles of endless sand dunes at 3am is physically and mentally so challenging.


Andrew chose to raise money for The Hamlet, for his god-daughter- Isabelle Wright who has attended The Hamlet for many years.


Andrew says that “Isabelle and The Hamlet unquestionably gave me the strength to carry on at my weakest moments. I am beyond thrilled that so many have donated and my initial aim of raising £3,000 has been massively surpassed to over £6,600.  What was incredibly touching was to see donations from people I do not know and came from within the Hamlet community.  I am massively grateful to you all”.


We are in awe of Andrew’s strength and determination to complete this gruelling race and are so grateful for his amazing fundraising efforts for The Hamlet.

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